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Teri Ringham

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I have been incorporating Essential Oils into my holistic health lifestyle over nine years. My approach to helping you support your health is to discuss all avenues of health--not only Oils. The body is an intrinsic machine that needs the right foods, the right environment and the right mental state if we are to support our body systems. Having had fabulous results with a holistic lifestyle both for my daughter with major hormone issues and myself for immune system issues, I felt my path needed to be one that shares the benefits of working with the body AND once achieving a Wellness state in the body, supporting it with essential oils.

My mindset is to never, ever push anyone to buy anything. If a person wants information, I want to get you that information. Knowledge is vital in making important health decisions. My goal is to give you the information so that you can choose the path you'd like to follow. If that path includes essential oils, I'd love to help you learn the many ways you can incorporate them into creating a chemical free environment by replacing toxic personal care and cleaning products while also using oils in and on our body in a safe, but effective, manner.

I feel Blessed for the prayers that have been answered in our family and my hope is I can help you on the path to feeling awesome!